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A little more about me.

Greetings. I am Ali Gajani and I welcome you to my personal page. Since you are here, I would love to take this opportunity to tell you a bit more about who I am and what I do. I was born on Monday, the 11th of January 1991, in a small city of Sukkur. I am a Capricon.

I graduated with First Class Honors in Information Technology Management for Business from the prestigious University of Sheffield in South Yorkshire, UK. I come from a holistic background in education, having studied the International Baccalaureate during my school years.

At the moment, I am wearing multiple hats. I am an Entrepreneur, a Blogger, a Designer and a Developer. Marry all these together and you get a Geek. I am the Founder of a technology blog called Mr. Geek, which I have been maintaining since early 2012.

It unarguably is one of my first serious ventures into making money online and building a front face for what I love doing. In addition to Professional Blogging, I am working on a startup that I expect to launch very soon. Do you want to get in touch? If yes, please use the social buttons above.

Ciao, Ali Gajani